Spatial Economics

Spatial Economics

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(Räumliche Ökonomie), Master, 5 ECTS

Course Type:  Lecture and Tutorial

Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Wrede, Luisa Schneider, M.Sc.

Period:  Annually in Summer Semester

Content:  Geography, Trade, Mobility, and Agglomeration; Spatial Concentration; Regional Policy; Geography and Growth.

Educational Objectives and Skills:  At the end of this course, students should be able to describe the regional pattern of major economic activities in terms of stylized facts; to discuss the most important theories in regional and urban economics; to analyze empirical tests of major hypotheses; and to discuss economic policy implications.

Lecture: Wed., 09:45 – 11:15. Online synchronous lectures (no recording) in Summer Term 2021

Tutorial: Wed., 16:45-18:15. Online synchronous tutorials (no recording) in Summer Term 2021

Outline and Literature: Syllabus SPEC SS 2021 

Language: English

Permitted aids in the exam: non-programmable calculator, non-electronic dictionary


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