Seminar in Public Economics I + II

Seminar Public Economics I + II

Summer Semester 2020:  relevant course information will be available on StudOn. 


Master, 5 ECTS

Course Type: Seminar

Content:  Current Topics in Public Economics

Lead Contact: Chair of Economic Policy (Prof. Rincke)

Implementation: Prof. Rincke, Prof. Matthias Wrede, Prof. Büttner

Period:  Winter and Summer Semesters

Language:  English


Course Description:  

During the seminar, participants will discuss a broad range of topics.  A first set of topics address questions related to spatial and public economics (Prof. Wrede).  A second set relates to  public economics and behavioural economics (Prof. Rincke). Finally, the seminar also deals with public economics (Prof. Büttner).  The list of topics below provides more details, including references and brief comments on the research questions covered in the respective literature.

The seminar has two consecutive parts. In the first part, students write a thesis (15 pages) under the guidance of their advisor. In an introductory session, students learn about the principles of scientific work and the scope of analysis that is expected. The thesis elaborates on the literature (see the list of topics for the main article(s) to be covered).  Students are expected to search for additional literature and then work independently on their topic. Advisors provide close guidance during this process.  The second part consists of a two-day seminar (Janurary 9/10, 2020) of students’ presentations.  Before preparing their presentations, supervisors will provide students with detailed feedback on their thesis.  Each presenter has 25 minutes for her/his presentation, followed by 25 minutes of discussion.


Enrollment Procedure:

Students who want to participate during the WiSe 2019/20 should express their interest by submitting a participation form to by July 29, 2019.  See the website of Prof. Rincke’s chair for more information.  Please note that the maximum number of participants is 10 students.  The deadline for submitting the seminar theses is December 10, 2019.


Former Seminar Topics: 

  • Summer 2017: „Risk, Ambiguity, and Other-Regarding Behavior“.
  • Summer 2016 : “Investment, Growth and Public Policy“


Further information about this course can be found in the module handbook. For time and location please consult UnivIS, documents and materials are available on StudON.