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Summer Semester 2020:  relevant course information will be available on StudOn. Please register for the course via StudOn to directly receive emails from us and to access important course information via StudOn.

Course title Type Time and Location   Contact Person
WiSe 2019/20
SoSe 2020


Principles of Social Policy L UnivIS Prof. Wrede  x
T UnivIS Wech  x
Social Policy Seminar S UnivIS Prof. Wrede &  Ach  Cancelled in SS 2020
Economy & Government L UnivIS Prof. Büttner, Prof. Wrede  x
T UnivIS Prof. Wrede & Assistants  x


Microeconomics & Game Theory L/S UnivIS Prof. Wrede


T UnivIS Ach  x
Economics of Social Policy S UnivIS  Prof. Wrede & Wech  x (digital)
Spatial Economics L UnivIS Dr. Andreas Mense  x (digital)
T UnivIS Schneider   x (digital)
Interdisciplinary Seminar S UnivIS  Prof. Bellmann & addtl. Professors  x
Seminar Public Economics 1/2 S UnivIS Prof. Rincke,   Prof. Büttner , Prof. Wrede & Assistants x x  (digital)
Project Seminar in Social Economics 1+2 S UnivIS Prof. Wrede & Schneider x x (digital)

StudOn-passwords will be announced exclusively in the respective courses or in our office hours.