Project Seminar in Socioeconomics I + II

Project in Socioeconomics I + II

(Sozialökonomisches Projektseminar I + II), Master (Socioeconomics)

SoSe Seminar I: 5 ECTS,  WiSe Seminar II: 10 ECTS

Compulsory course for the Master of Socioeconomics

Course Title:  Project in Social Economics I + II

Course Type:  Seminar

Period:  Annually in Summer and Winter Semesters

Contact Person: Daniela Wech, M.Sc.

Implementation:  Chair of Sociology and Empirical Social Research (Prof. Abraham) and Chair of Social Policy (Prof. Wrede)

Language: German

Content:  Implementation of an empirical research project in small groups


Educational Objectives and Skills:  

  • The seminar aims on gaining information and knowledge about discrimination and its possible appearance in the public sector. The focus is set on two questions:
  • Does discrimination in supply of public services exist? Which kinds of discrimination are possible and expected?
  • Is it possible to identify factors influencing discrimination?


Examination requirements

  • Written elaboration and presentations (SoSe)
  • final report (WiSe)

The main part of performance consists of team work.


As accompanying methodological course, the module “Methods II: Topics in Empirical Research Methods” (Prof. Abraham) is highly recommended.

Please contact the Chair of Social Policy for further information (Prof. Wrede, Wech).