Microeconomics and Game Theory


(Mikroökonomie und Spieltheorie), Master, 5 ECTS


Course Type:  Lecture and Tutorial

Contact Person:  Prof. Matthias Wrede, Assistant

Period:  Annually in Winter Semester

Content:  Microeconomic theory of household, microeconomic theory of the firm, equilibrium theory, basic concepts of non-cooperative game theory.

Educational objectives and skills:  Students learn on the basis of microeconomic methods to analyze the behaviour of suppliers and customers and their interaction in product and factor markets; to analyze strategic approaches of economic agents applying game-theoretic methods; are enabled to apply the acquired theory to relevant practical problems; will be trained in analytical thinking.

Language: German


Further information about this course can be found in the module handbook. For time and location please consult UnivIS, documents and materials are available on StudON.