Economics of Social Policy

Economics of Social Policy

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(Ökonomie der Sozialpolitik), Master, 5 ECTS

Course Type: Lecture and Seminar

Contact Person: Prof. Matthias Wrede, Daniela Wech

Period: Annually in the Summer Semester (Registration for the course occurs in the prior Winter Semester)

Content: Ethical and economic principles of social policy, old-age assurance, health insurance, labour and health protection, selected topics of social policy.

Educational objectives and skills: Students learn how to make international comparisons and characterize systems of old-age assurance, health protection and other selected areas of social policy; discuss ethical and economic principles of governmental intervention in old-age assurance, health care and other selected topics of social policy; evaluate old-age assurance, health care and other selected topics of social policy with regard to efficiency and equity.

Language: German


Further information about this course can be found in the module handbook. For time and location please consult UnivIS, documents and materials are available on StudON.