Economic Policy

Economic Policy

Economic Policy is a field of study at economics department. This field will be included in your diploma by studying 20 credits relating to this field ( just international students who will graduate at Friedrich Alxeander University. Economic policy/diploma normally does not apply to visiting students e.g. Erasmus).

Winter term Summer term
  • Applied Economic Policy
  • Foreign Trade and Payments*
  • Macroeconomics (Tutorial)*
  • Empirical Economics II
  • Seminar in Economic Theory
  • Principles of Social Policy
  • Government and Economy*
  • Economics of Personnel
  • Introduction to Cooperatives
  • Introduction to Energy Economics
  • Exchange Course in Economic Policy


  • Public Sector Economics*
  • Macroeconomics*
  • Monetary Theory and Applied Macroeconomics
  • Seminar in Public Economics
  • Seminar in Economic Theory
  • Seminar on Urban Economics
  • Seminar in Social Policy
  • Exchange Course in Economic Policy
  • Economics of Corporate Firms
  • Development Economics
  • Applied Economic Policy (seminar, presentation)
  • Economic Policy Seminar
  • Introduction Health Economics
  • Health behavior and Health Markets
  • Principals of Environmental Economics
* If this module is compulsory module in your degree program, it will not be eligible for economic policy.


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Contact person: Daniela Wech