Social Policy Seminar

Social Policy Seminar

(Sozialpolitisches Seminar), Bachelor, 5 ECTS


Course type: seminar

Contact person: Prof. Matthias Wrede, Kerstin Tanis, Isabella Lehmann

Period: annually in the summer term

Content: Selected issues and problems of social policy will be prepared and discussed both empirically and theoretically. Subsequently, social, economic and fiscal conclusions will be drawn in small groups and then discussed critically in plenary.

Educational objectives and skills: Students learn to analyse and interpret theoretical and empirical studies; to draw conclusions about social, economic and fiscal results and norms; to analyse independently sophisticated issues. Furthermore, students will be trained in an analytic way of thinking as well as research-oriented approach to scientific work. Thereby, students develop their presentation skills and improve their teamwork abilities

Language: German


Further information about this course can be found in the module handbook. For time and location please consult UnivIS, documents and materials are available on StudON.